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Online Brand Starter Guide (OBSG)

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This 3-day challenge will help you create an online presence with your own brand name and website, ready to start attracting your ideal customer or audience.

For more context, here’s the Welcome Video from the course:

*The course is full content is currently being released over the next few weeks and will be included in the FREE VIP Membership. You can enroll now and start going through the innitial lessons.


💬 What are the lessons like?

The lessons are done in mainly video format where you can see my screen for each step. There are also additional notes to help you through the process.

💬 Do I need to be highly technical to take this course?

No, this course has been presented in a way that the average person can complete each step without needing advanced tech skills. If you can do basic things like typing, checking email, browsing the internet, etc., then you’ll be fine.