Access to Premium Training Content, Premium Downloads and Ongoing Support

Get ahead faster by getting my best resources and become unstuck by asking your questions in the private community forum. 

Current Training Content

✅  Web Design Fundamentals – A beginner WordPress website design course (currently in free membership)

✅  Brand Strategy Guide – Better position your brand for the right marketing

✅  Audience Master Plan – Plan and research your content more efficiently with this framework

Get Clarity, a Sense of Connection, Support and Motivation

My goal is to help you by sharing the knowledge and experience I have, building out my own online business and doing content marketing to spread the word and generate leads.

I also know the power of community and want to gather like-minded individuals who can help support each other.

You don’t have to do trial and error. It’s much more efficient (and smarter) to learn from someone else who’s actually in the trenches doing what you want to do. Someone who’s also made the mistakes, run the experiments, and can tell you what has actually worked (and what didn’t).

I guess you can call me your guinea pig 🙂

What’s On The Inside

Let’s break down some details on what you’ll be getting.

ALL Courses & Workshops

With active membership, you’ll get access to the premium courses and workshops already on the platform, plus any new releases.

The primary focus will be on two main areas:

 1 – Your Website

At the heart of every online business is a solid website to help you showcase your brand, or products and services. 

I’ll show you how to design, build and maintain your WordPress website, and keep it running well.

As I work on projects I’ll be creating landing pages, setting up WordPress plugins and solving problems, and sharing this with you so you can apply my techniques.

2Content Marketing

You could have the best thing since sliced bread, but if you hide under a rock, no-one is going to find you! 

I’ll show you how to create content and organically drive the right traffic to your website, capture leads and convert sales.

Content is king! Whether you write blog posts or publish YouTube videos, people are searching the internet for solutions 24-7. I’ll share with you the tools techniques and systems I use to publish regular videos, podcast episodes and blog posts.

Design Templates + Premium WordPress Plugins & Other Downloads

I know you need to look good and stand out online, so you’ll get access to premium image templates for your social media and other places on the web.

Templates may include designs for use on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, as well as for online product images for your website.

The designs will be editable by you, using free design tools such as Photopea or Gimp, or with Photoshop. Don’t worry, you’ll get tutorials on how to do this 😉


Premium WordPress Plugins & Page Designs

  • In addition, you’ll get access to my premium WordPress website plugins and theme, as well as ongoing updates when new versions come out. This means that you can install them on your own website without having to spend money on getting them elsewhere.
  • Also, (as I make them) you’ll get access to some of my best website page designs for the Divi WordPress theme so that you can easily create your own landing pages, product pages & more. All you’ll have to do is upload them to your WordPress site and customise them to your heart’s content.

These bonuses will literally save you hundreds of dollars (or pounds) each year!

*Bonuses are subject to ongoing review but likely to stay for the long-term depending on demand.

Get Answers & Become Unstuck

Maybe you need some extra help, guidance or support. We can knock heads and figure it out together.

Help, Support and Community

Private Online Forum

You’ll be able to post questions and comments inside private forums in the member’s area. I’ll be monitoring this and replying to you there. Others will also be able to see these posts and comment.

It’s also a place where I’ll be adding relevant content links to help you make progress.


Live or Recorded Q & A Sessions (coming soon)

Depending on demand and my availability, I’ll hold either a live group Q & A video call or record a Q & A video covering the most common questions in more detail. This will be an opportunity to present additional content and to get your burning questions answered around the topics I teach. Anyone can jump in on the live calls and listen-in or ask questions.


Live calls will be around 60-mins and you’ll be notified via email when the next call is scheduled. Don’t worry if you can’t make it, you’ll be able to watch the recording in your members area.

Ok, how much will this cost me?

The way I see it, you can keep doing what you’re doing and nothing changes. Just keep stumbling around and hope for the best – you may get results, or you may not!


…you can hire a professional to get all these individual things done for you but you are likely to spend thousands of dollars just to get started.

Here, I offer all of these things at a small fraction of those costs. I’ve put together an offer that delivers great value without breaking the bank, and if you see the value and want to invest in your business… then it’s a complete no brainer – I’d love to have you on the inside 🙂

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Gold Membership


Access All Trainings, Support Forum + More

Exclusive Courses, Workshops & Curated Content

Support Community Forum

Bonus: Access Premium WordPress Plugins, Themes & Updates

Bonus: (Coming Soon) Download Website Design Layouts for the Divi Page Builder

(Coming Soon) Download Image Design Templates & Graphics for Social Media, Your Online Product & Your Website 

(Coming Soon) Live or Recorded Q & A Sessions

Gold Yearly


(Save over $40)

Get everything from the monthly Gold Membership for an entire year.

Cancel anytime, no contracts


What will the trainings be like?

The plan is to build up a library of courses and workshops over time so that you can get the training you need.

Each month at least one new piece of training content will be released into the membership.

This may be a video or written post combined with curated content, designed to cover a specific topic.

Curated content will be from other sources, as well as from my published content. This saves you time and energy by not having to search around for the right answers or information.

How do bonuses work?

Bonuses are supplied as an extra incentive to be part of the membership.

They may change over time, but for the most part, if there is a lot of demand and I can continue to offer them, they will remain for the longer term.

How can I use your premium WordPress plugins?

As my student or client, I’m able to share my paid WordPress plugins with you under GPL Licensing. This means that you’ll be able to download and install them on your own websites.

However, you will not have a licence key to get support or automatic updates. If you want these things you’ll need to purchase your own licence from the plugin developers or companies directly as they are the ones that make the plugins.

That said, I only provide plugins that I use and will add new versions to the member’s area when they are released. You can easily download and manually update to the new versions (I’ll show you how).


Will I be limited to a certain number of downloads?

No, at the moment you’ll be able to download any number of resources you need as long as you have an active paid membership.

As soon as new resources get added you’ll be notified.

I don't have design software, how can I use your image templates?

The templates will be in a format that can be edited using free design tools. For example you can use to upload and edit files or use paid tools like Affinity Photo or Photoshop.

Step by step tutorials will be provided to help you use these tools to change text and colours to match your style.


I need you to do _____________ for me, can I get you to do it?

The point of this membership is to help DIYers or bootstrappers save money by building out their online businesses themselves.

Here I provide the guidance and tools to help you achieve that goal. Naturally, hiring a good professional will be at a much higher price-point.

If you are looking for done-for-you services have a look at to see what I can help with. 


Is this a contract, can I cancel?

No contract here, you can simply cancel in your dashboard or cancel your payment, and your membership access will be stopped once your current period runs out.

And, of course, you can rejoin if and when you need to.